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Welcome to the Latino Pride Center!

On this momentous 26th day of June 2013 the Supreme Court of the United States of America struck down California’s Prop 8 and a portion of the 1996 Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) passed by Congress.  Each of these decisions represents a major civil rights victory for same sex couples and all of humanity. Concerning Prop 8, the high court ruled it unconstitutional, again allowing same sex couples to marry in California.   In striking down a key provision of DOMA, the Supreme Court paves the way for same sex couples legally married in any state of the Union to receive the same federal legal protections as do married heterosexual couples.

In solidarity with our gay brothers and sisters and their families, the Hispanic AIDS Forum celebrated this victorious occasion by launching the Latino Pride Center (LPC) as the first Latino organization in the USA fully devoted to gay causes.  In so doing, the Hispanic AIDS Forum makes history yet again.

The Hispanic AIDS Forum was the first Latino organization in the nation established to fight the spread of HIV / AIDS in our communities.  For nearly 30 years, HAF has been a pioneering force in this regard.  By virtue of the nature of the epidemic in New York City, HAF has developed a constituency largely comprised of Latino gay / bisexual men.  Establishing the Latino Pride Center is a natural progression in the evolution of the organization.   The LPC will enable HAF to diversify services –beyond HIV support and prevention, in line with the needs of an ever-growing population of gay/bisexual Latino men in New York City.

The Latino Pride Center’s mission…

The mission of the LPC is to inspire, empower and support gay Latinos to build and pursue their lives to their full potential.

This mission will be pursued through the creation of health and human services programs that affirm individuality, sexual identity and diversity; build family and community life; advocate for equality and justice; and support the pursuit of happiness free of oppression and violence for all people

About the logo

The pyramid was chosen as the Latino Pride Center’s logo for its symbolism.  The three triangles that make up the pyramid represent the individual, the family and the community, all critical elements of a strong society.  The apex of the pyramid is the successful coming together of these three forces that are critically central to the mission of the Latino Pride Center and its services.  The colors represent the rainbow, in itself a symbol of enlightenment and empowerment and of the struggle for justice by LGBT community.

LPC’s Future Plans

There are two short-term goals central to LPC’s mission and future:

  • To fully transition and pursue strategic partnerships and opportunities with the goal of expanding services that respond to the needs of our lesbian sisters and transgender brethren.
  • To centralize and relocate operations to locale / neighborhood that offers maximum access to Latinos.  This goal is consistent with the LPC’s aims to participate actively in community life and dedicate our efforts and resources to changing the norms that adversely impact the individual, the family unit and the neighborhoods we live in.   In doing so, we strive for full integration and acceptance in our communities as gay people and to participate fully in community life. We can only achieve this with our open presence and participation.

HIV Testing Locations


HAF- Manhattan
1767 Park Avenue, 4th Floor
New York, NY 10035
(212) 563-4500

12 Noon to 7:30PM Monday to Thursdays; Fridays 9:30AM- 4:00PM except major holidays when the office is closed.

De medio día a 7:30PM de martes a jueves; viernes de 9:30AM a 4PM excepto días feriados cuando HAF cierra.

Testing available by appointment only.  No walk ins will be accepted.


HAF-Queens Pride House
76-11 37th Avenue, Suite 206
Jackson Heights, New York 10372
Tel: 718-409-5309


HAF- Bronx
975 Kelly Street, 4th Floor (corner of Westchester Ave)
Bronx, NY 11459

2 & 5 Train and 4 & 17 Bus to Intervale Avenue

Monday through Thursday: 12PM - 7PM and Friday: 10AM-4PM except major holidays when the office is closed.

Lunes a jueves: 12PM - 7PM y viernes: 10AM-4PM excepto días feriados cuando HAF cierra.

St. Ann’s Corner Harm Reduction
310 Walton Avenue, Suite 201 (between 138th & 140th Street)
Bronx, NY 10451
(718) 585-5544

4 & 5 train to 138th Street & Grand Concourse Station

Every 2nd Tuesday of the month: 11AM – 2PM

Cada 2do y 4to martes de cada mes: 11AM - 2PM

* We offer HIV antibody testing at other locations but the schedule is not fixed. Please feel free to call 212-868-6230 for more details or if you prefer to make an appointment. 

* Ofrecemos la prueba del VIH en muchas otras localidades, pero el itinerario no es fijo. Para más detalles llama o si prefiere hacer una cita, por favor llame al 212-868-6230.

Fax for all Locations
(212) 868-6237

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